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This class is taught by an experienced competitive swim coach. The focus of this class will be on competitive stroke refinement, endurance training and other competitive skills (turns, starts, pull downs, etc.) Time trials will be offered throughout the season to introduce students to the world of competitive swimming.

Students should have at least a level 5 skill base (be able to pass level 4) when signing up.

Time: There are two sections of the competitive swim class available, both meet Monday to Thursday

bulletAM Section: 10:40 AM to 11:40 AM
bulletPM Section: 4:50 PM to 5:50 PM

Cost: $250 for the entire 6 week season (24 one hour meetings)

You may sign up for this class at the walk in registration date, in person during the season or using the standard registration form. Simply write "Comp" or "CS" for the class and "AM" or "PM" for the period.



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