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Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills

Ratio: 1 aide per 3 children plus a class instructor

Level 2 builds from the skills learned in level 1. The seemingly random skills that are the building blocks of swimming are put together to provide an introduction to both front crawl and back crawl.

Skills Taught/ Requirements for Passing Level

bulletEnter water by stepping or jumping from side
bulletExit water safely using ladder or side
bulletSubmersion skills
bulletSubmerge entire head for 5 seconds
bulletUnderwater bob (5 times)
bulletOpen eyes underwater and retrieve a submerged object (3 times)
bulletFloating and gliding
bulletFront float (5 seconds)
bulletRecover from front float to a standing position
bulletFront glide (2 body lengths)
bulletJellyfish float (5 seconds)
bulletBack float (5 seconds)
bulletRecover from back float to standing position
bulletBack glide (2 body lengths)
bulletChange direction of travel paddling on front or back
bulletRoll over from front to back
bulletRoll over from back to front
bulletTread water using arm and leg motions
bulletSwimming Skills
bulletCombined leg and arm motions on front (15 feet)
bulletFinning arm action on back (10 feet)
bulletSculling arm action on back (10 feet)
bulletCombined leg and arm actions on back (15 feet)
bulletSwim on side, alternating leg action (5 feet with support)
bulletSwim on side, simultaneous leg action (5 feet with support)
bulletSafety Skills
bulletWater safety rules
bulletRecognition of a swimmer in distress
bulletHow to get help


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