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Level 4: Stroke Improvement

Ratio: 1 aide per 4 children plus a class instructor

In level 4, we start to place emphasis on strengthening endurance.  Also, three new strokes are taught: breaststroke (a competitive stroke) as well as sidestroke and elementary backstroke (vital survival strokes.)

Skills Taught/ Requirements for Passing Level

bulletDive from side in compact or stride position
bulletSwim underwater (3 body lengths)
bulletPerform a feet first surface dive and submerge completely
bulletSurvival float (1 minute in deep water)
bulletBack float (1 minute in deep water)
bulletOpen turn on front and push off in streamlined position
bulletOpen turn on back and push off in streamlined position
bulletTread water using modified scissors, breaststroke or rotary kick and sculling arm motions (1 minute)
bulletFront crawl (25 yards)
bulletBreaststroke (15 yards)
bulletButterfly (15 yards)
bulletBack crawl (25 yards)
bulletElementary backstroke (15 yards)
bulletSwim on side with scissor kick (15 yards)
bulletSafety Skills
bulletAdditional rules for safe diving
bulletCompact jump into the water from a height
bulletPerforming a throwing assist to a drowning victim
bulletCare for a conscious choking victim (the Heimlich maneuver)


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