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Level 5: Stroke Refinement

Ratio: 1 aide per 4 children plus a class instructor

In level 5, breaststroke, sidestroke and elementary backstroke are improved to a further degree. Back crawl, front crawl and butterfly are refined beyond earlier levels. Endurance is once again emphasized. 

Skills Taught/ Requirements for Passing Level

bulletShallow dive from the edge
bulletShallow dive with glide (2 body lengths) and begin a front stroke
bulletSwim underwater (15 yards)
bulletSurface dives
bulletTuck surface dive
bulletPike surface dive
bulletSurvival float (2 minutes)
bulletBack float (2 minutes)
bulletFlip turns
bulletFlip turn on front
bulletFlip turn on back
bulletTreading water (2 minutes)
bulletFront crawl (50 yards)
bulletBack crawl (50 yards)
bulletBreaststroke (25 yards)
bulletButterfly (25 yards)
bulletElementary backstroke (25 yards)
bulletSidestroke (25 yards)
bulletSafety skills
bulletIntroduction to assessment of an unconscious victim
bulletIntroduction to rescue breathing


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