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Level 6: Swimming Skills and Proficiency

Ratio: 1 aide per 5 children plus a class instructor

Level 6 coaches participants to gain efficiency in their strokes as well as providing endurance training. This level culminates in a 500 yard swim, the longest competitive distance for a high school race. After completion of this level, participants are more than prepared to swim at competitive club and high school levels. 

Skills Taught/ Requirements for Passing Level

bulletFront crawl (100 yards)
bulletBack crawl (100 yards)
bulletBreaststroke (50 yards)
bulletElementary backstroke (50 yards)
bulletSidestroke (50 yards)
bulletButterfly (50 yards)
bulletFlip turns
bulletFront flip turn
bulletBack flip turn
bulletOpen turns
bulletSidestroke open turn
bulletBreaststroke open turn
bulletButterfly open turn
bulletTread water (5 minutes)
bullet500 yard swim
bulletSafety skills
bulletReaching assists for drowning and distressed victims
bulletThrowing assists for drowning and distressed victims


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